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Top 10 Richest Rappers in the World

Since its inception in the early 1970s on the streets of New York City, rap music has taken the world by storm. The most successful rappers today are known all over the world and have even become somewhat mainstream music artists. It should therefore be no surprise that rappers and Hip Hop artists in general, belong to the wealthiest performers within the music business.

This is not only due to their sold records (or music downloads) alone, but also thanks to the many other ventures rappers tend to get involved in these days. Be it their own record labels, fashion labels, or numerous other businesses, successful modern-day rappers usually become big-time entrepreneurs alongside their jobs within the music industry.

The following ranks the current ten richest rappers in the world. The ranking is based on the (approximate) net worth of each of these richest rappers. As mentioned above, the net worth of these richest rappers do of course not only include the money they have made through their music alone, but also through their many other business ventures.

Note: This ranking only specifically ranks the richest rappers in the world. For the Top 10 ranking for the richest singers in the world, click here.

Top 10 Richest Rappers in the World 2024

richest rappers in the world ranking

1. Shawn Carter a.k.a. Jay-Z

richest rappers in the world - second place jay-z

Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter, is the richest rapper in the world. His net worth of approximately $2.5 billion makes him not only one of the richest rappers in the world but one of the wealthiest people in the music industry overall. His fortune is derived not only from his successful rap career, but mainly from a diverse portfolio of businesses, including his own record label, his entertainment company, a sports bar chain, a successful champagne brand, and stakes in various other enterprises over the years. These ventures have solidified Jay-Z’s position in the upper echelons of global wealth and underscore his acumen as a business mogul, in addition to his success as a rapper.

2. Sean Combs a.k.a. Diddy

Sean Combs, known as Diddy, also boasts a significant net worth making him the second-richest rapper in the world. His impressive financial empire is due to his ventures not only in music, where he has not only been involved as an artist but also with his own successful record label, but also in fashion, entertainment, and more recently beverages. Having been involved in the music industry since the 1990s and through his many business ventures, it is therefore no wonder Diddy also belongs to the wealthiest people in Hip Hop history.

3. Andre Young a.k.a. Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre, born Andre Young, comes third among the richest rappers. He is one of the most successful and influential figures in the world of hip-hop and has been so since the 1990s. This vast wealth accumulation is attributed to his illustrious career as a rapper, but even more so as a record producer through his own record label. However, most of his wealth stems from his entrepreneurial venture, Beats by Dr. Dre, an audio technology company that he sold to Apple, Inc. in 2014 for three billion dollars, significantly boosting Dr. Dre’s net worth and making him the first rapper billionaire back then.

4. Kanye West

richest rappers in the world - kanye west

Kanye West has consistently ranked among the richest rappers globally. With an impressive career marked by multiple hits and successful ventures in fashion and business, Kanye West’s net worth has significantly increased over the years and at one point he was even considered the richest rapper in the world and a (self-made) billionaire. However, due to repeated antisemitic remarks made by him, West lost some valuable brand partnerships with Adidas and Gap, which significantly reduced his net worth. While not a billionaire anymore, Kanye West still easily finds himself among the top ten richest rappers in the world.

5. Aubrey Graham a.k.a. Drake

7 richest rappers - drake

Drake, or Aubrey Graham, completes the top five of the richest rappers in the world. As one of only a handful of globally successful non-American rappers, the Canadian has managed to amass an impressive financial portfolio. His wealth primarily stems from his successful music career, but also his business investments, which include co-ownership of a film production company and a whiskey brand. Drake is also a record producer through his own record label.

6. Marshall Mathers a.k.a. Eminem

Eminem, legal name Marshall Mathers, follows sixth among the richest rappers in the world. As the best-selling rapper of all time, Eminem’s net worth almost entirely stems from his music career, which continues to bring in substantial amounts of money for him. He also owns his own record label. Other than that, Eminem has also done acting work and written books in the past, both endeavors that also added to his wealth at least a little bit.

7. Pharrell Williams

richest rappers in the world ranking - pharrell williams

Pharrell Williams comes seventh among the richest rappers in the world. He has amassed a significant fortune over his illustrious career, first as a member of ‘The Neptunes’ and ‘N.E.R.D.’, then also through his solo career. Aside from being a rapper, he is also a songwriter and has his own record label. Outside his music career, Pharrell Williams has also established himself as one of the most successful fashion designers in the world, designing lines of different types for some of the biggest fashion brands in the world. All this contributes to his impressive wealth.

8. Percy Miller a.k.a. Master P

Percy Miller, better known as Master P, also belongs to the richest rappers in the world by net worth. While his first financial success certainly came from music, the vast majority of Master P’s wealth stems from his various business endeavors. He owns an investment firm and has been involved in the real estate industry, and even in the food industry through his own brand of rice. Additionally, he has also done some acting work and written books.

9. Dwayne Carter a.k.a. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne, born Dwayne Carter, is next on the list of the richest rappers in the world. Lil Wayne’s financial success mostly has come from his continued success in the rap industry, both through his solo career as well as through his own record label. Aside from that, he is now also involved in the cannabis industry with his own brand. He has also written a book that achieved sizable success in sales.

10. Calvin Broadus a.k.a. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, concludes the ranking of the ten richest rappers in the world. Snoop Dogg’s tremendous financial success first and foremost stems from his rap career of course. However, over the years he has also been involved in many endeavors outside the music industry. He owns his own film production company and even his own brand of wine. He has also done a lot of acting work and hosted a number of TV shows, all of which contributed to his current wealth.

The 10 Richest Rappers in the World:

1. richest rappers in the world - second place jay-zJAY-ZNet worth: ~ $2.5 billion
2. DIDDYNet worth: ~ $850 million
3. DR. DRENet worth: ~ $500 million
4.richest rappers in the world - kanye westKANYE WESTNet worth: ~ $400 million
5.7 richest rappers - drakeDRAKENet worth: ~ $280 million
6.EMINEMNet worth: ~ $250 million
7.richest rappers in the world ranking - pharrell williamsPHARREL WILLIAMSNet worth: ~ $230 million
8.MASTER PNet worth: ~ $210 million
9.LIL WAYNENet worth: ~ $170 million
10.SNOOP DOGGNet worth: ~ $160 million
Updated as of January 2024.

The 10 richest rappers in the world by most current net worth.
All sources of income are being counted here, including ventures outside the music business.
Sources: Forbes & Celebritynetworth.

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